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Picket fencing is often just what is needed for that last finishing touch on a front yard, a bit of country charm.  Or sometimes for that new puppy that needs to stay in the yard, but sure likes to see what’s going on around him. Whether the need is to enclose a small area without making it feel to small, or to surround a large yard without blocking a view, natural wood picket fencing could be the perfect way to get the job done.  Almost every picket fence that Mike’s Fence Center builds is a bit different, and can be tailored to suit your style and taste.  Look here for ideas then give us a call.

Coordinating Picket Wood Fence Gates:

We can build gates to match the fencing style, normally using a steel frame to start from.  Or, we can build something that will be a great accent to the fence and really make that gate stand out.  Here are a few examples.