It’s That Time Again… But We’re Still Here!

We may have seen our first snow, our first frosty morning, but rest assured Mike’s Fence Center™ is still very much open for business and looking to do some work for you.  Our guys love nothing more than to keep warm and active by building fence all winter long, and the best part for you […]

Make Life Easier With an Automated Gate

Every one generally knows why, and when they need a fence.  It’s usually pretty simple.  A fence is a pretty logical choice when you need to keep your critters in, other critters out, or create some privacy or security.  In fact in many cases, it’s the only choice. But some things aren’t quite so obvious.  […]

Some tips about vinyl…

Many times our Central Oregon customers ask questions regarding the care and mantencance of vinyl fencing.  For the most part, once your vinyl fence is installed, caring for it and maintaining it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. Vinyl fencing is pretty easy to maintain.  It usually needs a bit of cleaning here […]

April is theTime to Plan

Hello, Now that Easter has passed and it is getting a little warmer we all start to plan about our outdoor spaces. The biggest feature with your outdoor space can be your fence. This is probably why you are at our website right now. We get pretty busy in the spring and start scheduling new […]

Spring At Last!

In case you haven’t heard, Spring is here.  The weather may not be cooperating yet, but we are ready to get out and build some fence!  Let’s make your project the next on our schedule.  Whether you need some ranch fencing to hold your critters in, a garden fence to keep the critters out; or […]

Chilly Central Oregon Winter Weather Has Finally Arrived !

Ready or not, here comes those frigid temperatures and icy roads that we know and love here in Central Oregon. With any luck we may even see some white snow blanket our high desert landscape. We aren’t about to let the cold weather slow us down though. Here at Mike’s Fence we work all through […]