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Established in 2003, Mike’s Mobile Mix Concrete, was started on the principle that you don’t need to be a large contractor to get concrete in a reasonable time. We are dedicated to providing our customers, residential homeowners and commercial contractors alike, with a quality product, quality service, and a competitive price, seven days a week.

YOUR MIX: Customize your slump “on-the-fly” from wet to dry, 2000 psi – 6000 psi, or put in and take out an admix as needed.

YOUR AMOUNT: Our minimum order is 1/2 yard, but we can just as easily take care of a 200 yard pour. Never over order again and pay for wasted concrete. All concrete is mixed fresh on-site as needed with little to no waste. If you need more we’ll mix more. Multiple trucks and/or trips are not a problem.

YOUR SAVINGS: The concrete is metered out of the chute, so you are only charged for exactly what you use and not for what you ordered.

How it Works: Our concrete truck is a batch plant on wheels, carrying all the materials needed to produce concrete. The mixer is calibrated according to each customer specifications, which dumps the amount of rock and sand onto a conveyer belt bringing it to the back of the truck where the water and cement are dropped into a mixing auger. This auger feeds and mixes the concrete to the top where it is then dropped out of the chute and into the work area.  The driver can add fiber-mesh, calcium accelerator, and air mixtures to your desire and specification while mixing on-site.  Give us a try on your next pour and you’ll never go back.

We have our Mobile Mix batch plants located in Bend, Redmond, Prineville, and Madras. This enable us to serve all of Central Oregon in a fast and efficient manner.  All of our pours are dispatched out of our main office in Bend. Please call Connie to set up your next pour. You’ll be glad you did.

Mike’s Mobile Mix Dispatch (Office):  (541) 312-6693


Click to see available colors (chart): MMM Concrete Colors Chart