Easier and Better

Contact Uni-latch by sales@unilatch.com or calling 541-312-8920.

Uni-Latch, Mfg. has been building gates and gate hardware since 1995. Our products are field tested by our own fence company, Mike’s Fence Center, to ensure you get the best product possible.

Our mission is to provide sag-proof gates for the vinyl and wood fencing industry. We also offer many specialized products that are designed to make your job easier and your finished product better.

The company’s founder has over thirty years in the fencing industry, so we know what it takes to build a good fence, as well as a great gate. We approach each product with the fence company owner’s mentality.  We know gates tend to be the number one source for call-backs, and that is exactly what we aim to fix.  All of this means that our products are built with you, the fence professional, in mind.