Make Life Easier With an Automated Gate

A sturdy, functional automated gate.

Every one generally knows why, and when they need a fence.  It’s usually pretty simple.  A fence is a pretty logical choice when you need to keep your critters in, other critters out, or create some privacy or security.  In fact in many cases, it’s the only choice.

But some things aren’t quite so obvious.  Let’s talk about automated gates for instance.  Many people don’t realize what a difference having an automated gate can make.  Opening a gate every time you enter and leave your home or property can be a pretty big inconvenience.  In fact it surprises even us sometimes the lengths people in Central Oregon will take to avoid this inconvenience.  Installing a cattle guard for instance is a pretty common way to set up an alternative to opening a gate.  We’ve also seen people build lots of extra fence in intricate patterns around their driveway, outbuildings, etc. in some pretty elaborate feats of engineering to avoid having a gate or multiple gates to open.  We find that some of our fencing customers haven’t even really considered the option of an automated gate.

When you compare the costs and effort of some of the alternatives, and factor in the inconvenience of a manual gate, an automated gate can be a pretty reasonable solution.  And it’s surprising how affordable they can be to install.  Like many things in life, the longer they are around, the more they improve, and the more the price adjusts.  Many times the cost of an automated gate can be comparable to, or even less than the cost of some of the alternatives.

An automated gate can make life a lot easier, and may be a lot more affordable than you think.  And with all the options in automated gates and mechanisms available today, there is one to fit almost any application.

If you have a situation on your property that requires you to open a gate on a regular basis, give us a call and let’s see if installing an automated gate makes sense.  Our Mike’s Fence Center crews are experienced in installing a wide variety of automated gates, in a variety of situations.  And, we’re always happy to help you figure out what will be the best option for you.

Until next time, we hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Central Oregon Summer!

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